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Local, genial and wi-fi-free cocktail bar
Named after perhaps the most iconic Hollywood star of the last century, this intimate, candlelit and reassuringly old-fashioned neighbourhood bar is ideal for cocktails and chat prior to clubbing and dancing, or as an after-hours final stop for those last drinkees of the night. As was the great Garbo herself, the cave-like bar is shy of the limelight, located in a former medieval horse stable on a narrow side street in the otherwise bustly Trastevere. It's been going since the mid-1980s – longer than Garbo's screen career – and continues to draw an exclusively gay crowd at the start of the evening, with locals arriving at the later hours. There's no food per se, but there are nibbles at the bar. Decor is a touch camp, with mirrors and chandeliers acting as a foil to the more sober brick walls. The room can comfortably accommodate about 50 people, and the clientele veers from students to those who were alive for the 1941 release of Garbo's last film TWO-FACED WOMAN.


    • GarboBar
      GarboBar Over a year ago
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      Now, Garbo Bar is on the WEB
      Enjoy the atmosphere of the Bar Garbo also on the WEB ...

    • vintervilla
      vintervilla Over a year ago
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      Nice place
      If you enjoy to relax with a glass of vine or a drink in a calm and friendly place. Its a very small place, but its so lovely and cozy. Not A party place. Glass of vine was like 5â